Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy (29.11.2020)
01. Introduction

Koulusafka values all of its users’ privacy and collects only a small amount of data. The data collected is solely used to monitor the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly amounts of users in Koulusafka, through analytics.

By using Koulusafka, a user agrees to these Privacy Policies.

02. Data Koulusafka collects

Koulusafka collects data for only one (1) purpose, to track user activity. Koulusafka collects data on events triggered by the user (such as page loading events and clicks), but is in no way able to identify any users by the data collected. This data is collected with analytics tools provided by Amplitude, Inc. and is accessible by representatives from Amplitude, Inc.

Koulusafka also collects data when a user clicks on Koulusafka’s advertisement banner at the bottom of the screen. The data collected from this specific event is only the URL of the page that the advertisement banner redirects to on click. This data can in no way be used to identify a certain user using Koulusafka.

03. Usage of the data Koulusafka collects

The data collected, as listed in the previous section 02. Data Koulusafka collects, can and will not be used to identify any user that uses Koulusafka. This data is purely to analyse the usage and growth of Koulusafka.

Koulusafka is unable to display the data collected, because the data Koulusafka collects is not linked to any specific user.

04. Who has access to the data Koulusafka collects

Mainly two (2) parties have access to the data Koulusafka collects. The first party is Koulusafka and its representatives. The second party is Amplitude, Inc. whose tools Koulusafka uses to collect analytics data.

The amount of clicks on the advertisement banner in Koulusafka can be shared to third parties who are in no way connected to the data collection process. These third parties will not have any access to specific details of a click, but only the overall amount of clicks on a specific advertisement on the advertisement banner between a certain date and time.

Koulusafka keeps all of its data in a safe and secure place, on a server provided by Pilli Productions Oy.

05. References

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